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"Success and Well-Being presents itself as we lower the walls of self doubt and fear and we allow ourselves to blossom into the beauty of who we are."
Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach,
Energy Medicine Professional
& Wellness Educator


Congratulations on deciding to begin your journey to well-being and personal fulfillment. Here is a little bit about my life & my credentials.

Health & Wellness Coach

Self care has had a different meaning for me at different stages of my life. From learning how to meditate as a child, to following daily regiments for my well-being, I have come a long way to what I believe is essential to feel well and be joyful. For the last twenty years I have been active in the Holistic & Alternative Wellness industry and hold 2 university diplomas and many certifications in the mind/body field. While certified in Healing Touch, Reiki, Craniosacral, NLP, HeartMath Coaching, Quantum Healing, I have also been extensively trained in brain behavior, psychology and trauma. As the founder and CEO of Inspired Health Energy Medicine & Coaching I have helped many women find healing and reclaim their lives over the years. Through my private practice I strive to offer ways of support for women with trauma and help educate and empower in ways that will support you through your lifetime. I also have a soft spot for Veterans and their families and offer Healing Touch services through a local non-profit clinic environment, the Healing Warriors Program.

My home country is Greece, I was educated in England and USA, and currently reside in Colorado, where I have lived for many years. Through life experiences and continued study and research I have acquired powerful knowledge that provides highly transformative solutions to my clients. It has been my privilege to be raised amongst influential people and have held accomplished international commentator positions within the Greek Ministries. In the past I have engaged in business relations with Royal & influential families which led to some unique experiences that shaped my thinking. In my professional career I contributed numerous years in the corporate world before settling into the unique opportunity of founding Inspired Health through which I support women through my wellness and coaching programs. -

I am passionate about life and I wear many hats; as a wife and mom, my husband and kids are my love and priority in life. I have a fun time juggling my professional life as a Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Educator, Energy Medicine professional, visionary, artist, chef, international author, and speaker. Recently I published my first book, A Mediterranean Infused Cookbook and Memoir -Seasonal & Allergen Free Cooking book. I am also the creator of the 12 Steps to Freedom wellness program and the Live Your Dream Life & Inspired Women Entrepreneurs - Access your Burning Desires, online Coaching programs, Through these programs I strive to help women across the world fulfill their innermost cravings of joy, well-being and success.

Next up is a Self Help & Empowerment program for women who are looking to live an extraordinary and joyful life.

Here's a bit about my professional credentials:


Corinna's credentials in the corporate and alternative medicine world and her expertise and experience in mentoring and coaching are but just the beginning of the knowledge that supports her integrative transformational  approach. With a couple of decades under her belt and her continuous exploration and learning in the fields of science and spirituality alike, she is confident that she can support your growth in dynamic ways.  New Science frontiers, Metaphysics and the Human Psyche have always been her fascination and she incorporates her ever growing knowledge into her coaching and alternative healing practice. This has formed a unique approach in healing which provides much needed support and guidance in the quest to re-discover joy and fulfillment in life.

Having overcome many of her own struggles in life, she considers herself a realist with a healthy measure of optimism. Corinna's gifts lie in knowing exactly how to empower, inspire and guide you to find your innate power and step into it. As you begin your work together you will be supported with powerful coaching tools and energy medicine sessions, multi-sensory brain training, lucid hypnosis sessions and wellness wisdom. She directs you in powerful ways and guides you to discover how to live your own triumphant life. She brings you resources that will help improve your health and well-being and get you on the path to success.

Corinna is a very passionate and compassionate person and her clients immediately feel comfortable with her even on their first visit. Born and raised in the Mediterranean she has a warm glow about her that is inviting and welcoming. Her wide range of international experience comes from working with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and goals for over 40 years and she is sensitive and understanding of ethnic and cultural diversities. Corinna resides in the United States, Colorado, with her husband and kids, dogs, cats, chickens and Koi fish and is surrounded by a natural and organic ecosystem which she maintains with love and care. She loves expressing her artistic nature in many different mediums, enjoys tending to her organic garden, gathering her herbs, spending time with horses, delights in a good book and continuously explores new tastes and flavors in her kitchen.

Corinna enjoys working with women entrepreneurs, as she is one herself, and as an Energy Medicine Professional and a Wellness Educator and Coach, Corinna is here to educate you in the ways of extraordinary well being. She can help you with long term pain relief, educate you on how to relieve inflammation in your body, identify root causes of anxiety and depression, and direct you on how to become successful in your personal and business life. Her combination of skills provide powerful ways of finding physical and mental balance in our lives and through regular coaching and healing sessions she can help you reach your goals and find joy in life. 

A native of Greece, with a heritage based on ancient wisdom and health, her services are geared towards healing through knowledge, inspiration  and empowerment, helping you transform your life in all levels of existence.

Key aspects of sessions include compassionate communication, human relations, "successful thinking", self respect and self nourishment. The focus is the "self", as self-healing and self-actualization help us find answers. You will learn ways to enhance your presence in this world by "healing" past obstacles and trauma that block you from receiving what is rightfully yours. It is time to alchemize the ideas and beliefs that stop you from expressing your highest form of existence and to begin reaching maximum development.


Corinna believes we all have this intrinsic power of tapping into our own inner guidance and can learn to make use of our innate healing ability. She believes that we have the power to direct and navigate our thoughts and focus on the beauty around us. And as such we can learn to direct and co-create our health, well-being and success from the inside out. Thoughts are biochemical and neurotransmitter events in our brain that we have the ability to adapt and fine tune. By choosing our thoughts carefully we have the opportunity to train ourselves to create more favorable outcomes.

​​It is truly an extraordinary time for wellness and the world of natural health medicine as millions of people are looking to heal in new ways. Many of us strive to avoid drugs with heavy and unwanted side effects and long waits at doctors visits.  Instead we are opting for an approach based on wellness, prevention and lifestyle choices. We choose to arm ourselves with knowledge, self help techniques, and powerful thinking that allow our bodies to resume its inherit health. The field of natural medicine and wellness is undergoing a dramatic evolutionary upgrade, with unprecedented breakthroughs and massive paradigm shifts in all areas of health and  lifestyle. Training next to, and learning from health and wellness pioneers such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Jean Houston, and Dr. Gabor Maté and Dr James Gordon, and educated with heart intelligence provided by organizations such as the HeartMath Institution and The Healing Touch Program, she is excited to share the extraordinary explorations in how we can change and heal ourselves from many dis-eases of the mind and body. Thus with a longing in our heart and consistent training and support we can become an open conduit and welcome success and well-being in our lives.  

Understanding the mind, heart and body connection and how certain habits affect our everyday life is essential in moving forward toward a healthful and blissful existence.

Corinna holds certifications and trainings on numerous fronts some of which are: Meditation, Healing Touch, HeartMath Coaching, Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), CranioSacral Techniques, Hypnosis, Muscle Testing, Raindrop Therapy, Fine Arts, Photography & Art History, Business Administration and Accounting. She also has extensive lifetime experience and knowledge in Nutrition, Wellness, Yoga, Metaphysics and the Quantum Field.  Vibrant and Nutritious Cooking are also in her repertoire and yes, among other things, Foreign Language Interpretation.

In person and Global private & group sessions, coaching, workshops, cooking classes and motivational talks are offered throughout the year and provide a container where you can cultivate mindfulness and learn how to adopt lifestyle practices that lead to fulfillment, health, success and joy in your life.


​Volunteer and healing work for organizations and committees that are close to her heart are a big part of her world as well.  The Healing Warriors - a unique program for our Veterans -, Poudre Valley Hospital, MCR Hospital, Pathways Hospice, CSU Health Fair & 9News Health fair, National MS Society and our local Youth. are but a few of the places she gives her time to. Corinna spends much of her time working in a local non-profit organization, The Healing Warriors Program, providing affordable non-narcotic treatments for Veterans and their families. This work is close to her heart and she is honored to be able to offer her services to the men and women who have and are still serving this nation. Helping spread awareness, knowledge and wellness is a very rewarding feeling indeed!

Some of her favorite things that occupy her precious free are time spending time and cooking with her family, private time in quiet and in nature, visual & expressive arts, organic gardening, reading, and traveling.

Corinna's clientele is global, so whether you are close by or around the world you can work together.. It is her pleasure to work with women from around the world and get to know you and share views.

​​​If you are reading this you are ready to access the next level of your life and you are at the right place.
I look forward to working with you.






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Corinna is a member of :


The Healing Touch Program is an organization which supports Healing Touch practitioners through monthly business teleconferences, continued education and webinars on professional practice and business development.


The HeartMath System deals with cutting Edge Heart-Brain Science. It is a system that provides practical and effective tools for preventing and releasing stressful attitudes and feelings, and for connecting with your heart’s intuitive directions for the best choices in whatever your life situation calls for.

Healing Warriors Program
Corinna is also a Healing Touch provider for the Healing Warriors Program  - a local non profit organization that offers non-narcotic treatments to Veterans and their families in a clinical setting.

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is a nonprofit collaborative of scientists, healing and health practitioners, educators, and artists, who work together to place healing in the center of healthcare, and self-care. Amazing stuff comes out of this organization. Always learning!
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