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Aura Soma Consultation


The AURA-SOMA® products are part of the color therapy that I may introduce

in one of your sessions if I feel that it will benefit your health and spiritual growth.

Although you may receive the benefit of these products in my sessions it is recommended

that you select and begin with your own choice of four bottles that you may take home and enjoy

on a daily basis. The Aura Soma System can improve your spiritual well being and benefit your health. It is the language of color that changes our vibration and helps us grow into who we always wanted to be.

As explained by the Aura Soma center, "Aura-Soma, meaning light-body, was developed into a colour-care system working with the visual and non-visual energies of colour as refractions of light which are reflected in each individual’s personal light body. As more and more people worked with the Equilibrium colour combinations they were drawn to, it became clear that these living jewels and their supporting products were emanating, via the energetic language of colour, aspects of universal consciousness in ways that revealed each person’s unique qualities and state of being, as well as addressing what they needed for greater fulfillment of their unique gifts and potentials."

To begin your journey with Aura Soma I invite you to sign up for a free 30 minute consultation where you can understand a little more on how the system works, it's gentleness and how efficiently it can help you shift those things in life that are needing to change in order for you to move into your vision of joyful living. The Equilibrium bottles are dual colored, energized creations that can help to illuminate, balance and explore further your own guidance.

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura Soma described this system as the living energies of color which offer a window to the soul.

"Aura Soma will help to activate transformative energies that can bring more of your totality into being. All our products relate to the Equilibrium colours, energies and meanings. Choosing the four colour combinations you feel most drawn to will compose your personal colour code and help to further guide you in selecting supporting products and materials."

These wonderful bottles are not only a wonder to look at with their vibrant light color combinations, they also have incredibly, gentle, angelic like fragnancies that urge to take deep breaths to bring that vibration deep into the heart.

There are over a hundred different Equilibrium bottles, as well as several collections of Pomanders, Air Sprays, Color therapies and personal products. There is also an Aura Soma jewelry line!


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