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Jedi Training for your Soul

Teens & Young Adults group

Join us for 90 minutes of discussion, exploration & practice

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Inspired Health Energy Medicine

 Fort Collins, CO 80528

Snacks offered.

*Sorry, this group is no longer active but you may visit the links below for some of the topics we discussed over time.


A revolving gathering of like-minded teens and young adults that want to have fun exploring their true self.

The goal for this get together is to provide a space for teens and young adults where you can be yourself and meet other like-minded young people. In my practice I meet so many wonderful young adults who are gifted in their own way, and it is my goal to provide a place where you can come together and freely discuss what is on your mind, learn more about being "different" in this world and why it is ok to be who you are. We will touch on subjects that deal with our power within and how to harness that. Some discussions may be centered around mindfulness, positivity & self esteem, Auras, Third Eye, Chakras, Meditation, Space & Black Holes, the quantum environment; you name it.  We will explore the world of Crystals, essential oils, flowers essences . We might dive into books, poetry, and watch relative videos. And we'll discuss awareness and Subtle Energies around us and other wild topics that most people will not talk about. If there is a subject you would like to share your knowledge with us or have an idea of a topic you would like to discuss email me and we will see about adding it to the calendar.
I am so excited to be offering these life changing tools of empowerment and fun for Teens and Young Adults.

Ages 15-25 are appropriate. Exceptions can be discussed.

Join me and be part of this new generation of young adults that bring inspiring change to our world!


We meet once a month and rock our world!

2nd Tuesday of each month.

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