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Remote Healing Session


Join me for another Energy Medicine Remote Seasonal Group Healing on our online platform,

These sessions are great for releasing the old energies and begin setting intentions for the new and desired. They can help tone down anxiety, deal with fear and address physical and emotional discomforts.

Spring is the time of rejuvenation and focus on new intentions.

We are aided by the energies of the New Moon, and Beltane. It is all about new beginnings, and unexpected change. This is such an important time to stay focused and emotionally resilient as our world is slowly returning to a new normal. 

Reserve your virtual seat

This healing session is meant to support us all by assisting to clear away the old dense patterns that create lack of harmony, fear, anxiety and other discord emotions. 

Amidst the challenges of returning to a certain more supportive routine we need the support of our group energy, positive focus and joy of exploration to navigate these times successfully. The possibility and probability of our vision exists at the creative cosmic level and we will be holding the space to mold that vision to our liking.

2021 is the year to release attachments to the past as it has been and set our intention on new beginnings.

The entire collective consciousness is undergoing a shift in thinking and processing. and we all want to do our best to be focusing on a beautiful earth that is here to support each and very one of us and we want to be clear on our path forward. Our focus is on what we want, a harmonious existence with our needs met and a beautiful planet to live on.

These online healing sessions will be offered throughout the year to help solidify our intentions and shift us out of lack and misdirection. Limited to 100 participants. Considering the unprecedented times we are going through I am offering this session at a donation basis; you may join from wherever in the world for whatever you would like to offer.

As an added bonus upon registration your name will be added to my Energy Medicine/Prayer box and you will be remotely supported the rest of the month.

We are a community and we are here to help and support each other. Let's practice compassion, allowance and self love as we continue to meet over the prayer waves.

Blessings of Joy & Well-being ♥

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